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Whether you are looking for a digital marketing and SEO agency for small companies or large projects, TECHATAMI – your SEO expert team in Canada, is the strong partner at your side. Modern SEO not only involves technical and creative skills, but also a sophisticated and future-oriented strategy for your website.

With our SEO experts, you are always up to date. Through long-term support, we let your website appear in the best light, so that it not only convinces search engines but also the users!


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Any website’s long-term success depends on SEO. Your website becomes more visible when you rank it at the top of Google, which boosts online traffic and increases conversions. Getting your website to the top of Google’s search results takes work. We begin by redesigning your website and focusing on increasing your brand’s exposure across high-value keywords. The best SEO strategies are then used in succession to raise your search engine ranking. You’ll benefit from content improvements, speed testing, mobile audits, and more with our all-encompassing approach to search engine optimization. You’ll notice a noticeable improvement in how customers interact with your website online once your SEO strategy is launched!

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There are several benefits to Search Engine Optimization. The primary objective of SEO is to generate organic search engine traffic that turns into sales and leads, thus boosting business growth. Our focus is on boosting brand reach and enhancing brand image. SEO brings relevant organic visibility to brands over Google search and shows the brand to users who are looking for the products and services a company sells but might not know about the brand.

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Inito Medical

Initio Medical says hello to hundreds of thousands of people with Techatami.

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We help businesses generate more leads and conversions through SEO marketing. Search engine optimization impacts businesses by improving their ranking and visibility in relevant search results. With a high enough ranking, such as off-page and on page optimization, your company can use SEO strategies to bring qualified and relevant traffic to your site, which can lead to more traffic, leads, sales, and revenue for your business.

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Further information on the subject of search engine optimization and why nothing works without SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to all procedures that lead to improving the placement of a website in the organic search results of search engines and to greater visibility on the Internet.

Well basically SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and this is a process that optimizes a website’s technical configuration, link popularity, and content relevance so that the pages it shows are more relevant. It improves your site to make it easier to find when people search for the things related to your site or business in search engines. It gets traffic from organic, free and natural results in search engines. It improves your website’s position in search results and increases the number of visits. SEO works on the three basic factors- keyword analysis, Backlink building, and Content Creation.

Search engine optimization consists of both technical and content-related tasks. The technical tasks ensure that Google can classify the content correctly. The content tasks ensure that Google sees the page as valuable and of high quality.

SEO can help you build reputation and trust with your customers. SEO builds trust organically and enhances the user’s experience. When your customers get a nice experience on your site you get more site links and increase traffic.

It helps important and potential leads to see your site and engage with it. It increases the visibility of your site and impacts the buying cycle.

SEO increases traffic, sales and brand awareness generated through your website by increasing search engine rankings and visibility. SEO is one of the online marketing channels with the highest return on investment (ROI).

As an SEO agency, we help to optimize websites for search engines. First, we conduct an SEO audit to determine the status quo of your site. From this we derive SEO measures and recommendations for action, develop a content strategy, take care of the backlink structure and off-page optimization.

  • On-Page SEO– this one is also referred to as on-site SEO, it is the process in which the content present on your website is optimized which includes optimizing the body copy, headers, keywords, descriptions, images, etc.
  • Off-Page SEO– this process focuses on link building, it creates exposure and trust for your business that will ultimately increase the number of visitors that your sites will receive. This process might include some processes like pitching articles online, it can include blogs and online publications.
  • Technical SEO– this process focuses on the performance of your site, it helps your site to gain visitors and enhance the user’s experience. Due to developing technologies and algorithms, the complexity is increasing and because of that this type of SEO is always evolving and developing. Only efficient efforts can make sure that your site is facing no problems in crawlability. Some of the other efforts might also include enhancing the speed of the website, mobile friendless, and improving site structure.
  • Local SEO– this is a kind of variation of SEO that focuses on a specific region instead of focusing all over the areas. This process increases the presence of your site in communicating and promoting your product.