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Enhancing your website’s position in Google searches is the goal of SEO. To put it another way, customers who are looking for the goods or services you provide will find your company.

Millions of websites fight for visitors’ attention alone in Canada. It is insufficient to only publish a website online. Nowadays, if you want to get found, nothing works without search engine optimization. Small businesses can benefit greatly from SEO.

Big brands aren’t the only ones using SEO. To obtain a competitive edge over their rivals, small businesses must also strategically place themselves in the market. Because your chances of long-term success are low if you remain inconspicuous and don’t market. You too can surpass major rivals and rank highly on Google with an effective SEO approach. We customise each of our SEO tactics to your company.

Every day, more and more individuals in our digital age—big or small businesses—search online, primarily on Google, for local services. Several industries also use well-known business directories as a search tool. The first ten results, sometimes referred to as “the first page,” are quite significant. The first page of Google results captures the attention of the searcher. Most likely, you are aware of this yourself: With Google’s ever-improving understanding of search intents, nearly all popular search queries return the intended information on their first page. There is either extremely little or no traffic to the second page.

Therefore, to be on the market for an extended period of time, you need a professional website that is well-positioned in search engines.

Why Work With Us​

Link Building & Citation Submission

Local citations are located and monitored over several websites as part of our local SEO services. In addition to competitor analysis, we provide detailed NAP audits on essential citation websites to help you get listed on new websites. To boost your ranking in the local area, we assist to deliver you consistent citations. Get local SEO services for small businesses.

Listing on Google Maps

Local search optimization strategies involve local businesses claiming and verifying their Google My Business listings. Creating a profile over Google’s Local Pack, Google My Business, Google Maps, and Local Finder will help in increasing the chances of organic ranking. Listings on Google Maps adhere to Google’s policies.

Local Keyword Research and Sorting

Well-researched keywords are a key role in any successful search engine optimization campaign. We use the Google keyword tools, and other keyword sorting tools. Our team of local SEO professionals does sort and research local keywords that generate desired results. Whenever possible, we try to pick long tail keywords and those key phrases that have high search volume, low competition, and high relevance.

Small Business SEO

The benefits of SEO for small businesses or SMBs are broad. First, however, your goals should be defined. What would you like to achieve for your company through SEO measures? In what period of time should this goal be achieved? And much more. In most cases, however, the goal is clear: to get more customers or inquiries.

  • More website visitors/traffic: With a good placement in the search results, more visitors become aware of a website and visit it.
  • More reach: New customers can be won with SEO – from local with Local SEO to global buyers.
  • Stronger brand presence: A good placement for the right keywords strengthens the credibility of your company. Customers are more likely to click on top-ranked brands and you can make the most of that with SEO.
  • Competitive advantage: With the right SEO strategy, you can even overtake larger competitors, because everyone can in principle get to number 1 in the search results.
  • Increased conversion rate: Sure, in the end small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) want more sales and this can be achieved through SEO and targeted conversion optimization.

Through various optimization measures, your website gains trust and is classified as higher quality by Google and thus achieves a higher placement and visibility in the search engines. In return, more potential customers will become aware of your company, who can be won as new customers with an inquiry.

Do you have your local business listed with local online search engines?

Local SEO Audit & Strategy
We take a comprehensive look at your current state to determine where you are, where your competitors are and what you can do to achieve better results. We then create a tailor-made strategy with a package of measures based on the results of the audit and your company goals.

On-Page Optimization
We understand the importance and challenges of building a website to serve local search needs. On-Page Optimization forms the basis for search engines to become relevant and to offer visitors a better user experience on your own company website, so that you can better convince them of your own services.

Local Content Marketing
You need content that gets found and is engaging and relevant to your visitors. We have extensive local content creation experience, develop local subpages and have a deep understanding of which local content ideas will best support you.

Google My Business Optimization
We have successfully optimized many Google My Business accounts. We know the guidelines, common problems and have suitable solutions ready. Use the full potential of Google My Business for better online visibility.

Local Link Building
Link building can positively support your organic and local rankings. More importantly, local links bring local people to your site. Smart content combined with the right reach can give you great link building opportunities in your area and help you become an authority.

Online Reputation Management
A positive online reputation is one of the most important marketing tools for local businesses. This creates trust with potential customers and strengthens the bond with existing customers. It therefore makes strategic sense to develop a long-term online reputation strategy and to implement evaluation processes.

Is SEO Worth It for Local Businesses?

The answer is definitely yes! With search engine optimization, the placement of your website in the search results can be enormously improved. If you are found more easily by your customers, the traffic on your website will increase, and, in the best case, your sales will too. You expand the reach of your brand and can even overtake stronger competitors, especially with local SEO.

As an experienced local SEO agency, we have already helped countless local clients become visible online. Together with you, we design a strategy for how you can be found better on Google and thus get more customers. Contact us for a free initial assessment of your website!

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